Broiler Barns Have Treated Water

Operation in Huron County near Lucknow



One of the biggest problems facing chicken producers in Huron County when it comes to their water is excess iron building up in the equipment and plugging the drinker systems. There are numerous water treatment methods available depending on the severity of the problem, the flow rates, the number of birds and the budget available.


For this customer, he had a unique solution for figuring out where to have the iron removal system installed. The utility room for the barn was already filled with 2 big pressure tanks, the distribution manifold for the water lines and a small bathroom so he welded up a heavy-duty shelf above the wash-up station.

This shelf holds the backwashable filter, a contact tank, a recirculation pump, an oxygen concentrator and an ozone generator. The system has been in place for a number of years now and has performed excellent with only minor service periodically.


Each component was selected based on its history of performance. In order to be considered for this application, it had to be extremely reliable and be able to be serviced quickly if needed.

On an annual basis, the customer is contacted to arrange an on-site water test and inspection.