Central Huron Arena Upgrade

Commercial Water Softener For Clinton Arena

The new arena is done and comes complete with a skating rink, walking track, kid’s play zone, meeting rooms and a fully equipped YMCA that shares its membership privileges with the Goderich facility.

As with any new commercial building, there is a boiler system, water heaters, a dishwasher and hundreds of feet of pipe to consider when suppling water into the facility. There are also lots of faucets, sinks and toilets that could be damaged by hard water if the issue had been left unaddressed.

After consulting with the maintenance staff on the best way to remove all the calcium (hardness) and soften the water, it was decided that a single tank water softener loaded with very high grade resin should be installed.

The Magnum control valve can handle over 60 gallons per minute if needed, and there is enough capacity to ensure that even if there is an abnormally high amount of water used on any given day – it will be perfectly conditioned.