Church in Exeter has pure water

Emmanuel Baptist Church sits on a beautiful piece of property just south of Exeter in Huron County.

The Christians who meet there enjoy hosting numerous events throughout the year, many of which include a meal with lots of beverages. Since the building is fed with untreated water from their own well, treatment to purify it was necessary.

A water test revealed high levels of hardness, iron and dissolved solids, all of which were causing problems.

The hardness & iron were slowly building up in the pipes and fixtures, reducing flow rates and wreaking havoc on the heavy-duty commercial dishwasher. Anything that the water touched – sinks, toilets, the baptismal tank – showed rusty orange stains or crusty white calcium buildup. Although thoroughly cleaned each week – if left untreated – the water would have destroyed both the kitchen and the bathrooms.

During the weekdays, only a small amount of water is used by the staff. However, in the evenings, the church is busy with youth group, kids club and numerous Bible study meetings. The water use peaks on Sundays when everyone shows up at the same time for the worship meetings and Sunday School.

The water treatment equipment was sized based on these patterns so that conditioned water is available at all times.

A very large water softener was installed with high-grade resin that could also handle the iron removal. The timer on the system actively monitors the ever-changing water usage and stores the information in its memory. The cleaning cycle is automatically adjusted based on daily averages calculated from this information. Thus, the system operates both efficiently and reliably.

We are completely satisfied with the equipment and service from ARC Water over the past 10+ years.

Service is done efficiently on a regular basis, and any other calls are attended to quickly. Very friendly and professional. We would recommend this company to anyone.

Henny Parker, Administration

To purify the water for drinking and cooking, a reverse osmosis drinking system is working hard in the kitchen.

Instead of a small pressured holding tank to deliver the water up to the separate faucet, a very large storage tank is filled and a float switch is used to shut the system off when full.

When the faucet is opened, a motorized pump draws the water out of the tank and delivers it at full pressure. A large cooking pot or full sized coffee pot can be filled in just a couple of minutes.

Regular, preventative maintenance is conducted on a semi-annual basis complete with filter changes & testing of the water quality.