Economy Water Softener

Well Water Near Blyth

Sometimes all you’re looking for is a small system that can condition the water for 2 people. The raw water test at the property where this water softener was installed (between Clinton and Wingham in Huron County) showed a moderate level of hardness and a trace amount of iron.

If there was a large family living at the house, this small unit would not be able to handle the demand. However, this model was perfect for the situation and we were able to install it within a couple of days of them calling our shop.

The first thing you notice is that the salt tank is blue, the control valve is black and the mineral tank that holds the softening resin is a natural coloured fibreglass. That’s what you call mis-matched. Sometimes the distributors want to clear out some of their inventory and they offer it to us at fantastic savings if we aren’t picky about the shapes, colours and sizes.

The discounts get passed onto you. After an in-home water test to determine how much calcium (hardness), iron (rust) and sulphur there is, we can give you a quote on what we have available.