Goderich Water Softener

Goderich residents enjoy a continuous supply of water from Lake Huron. The treatment facility down at the beach filters the incoming water and chemically treats it with chlorine to protect against bacterial contamination.

goderich water softenerAlthough the water is not as hard as those in Huron County who draw water from a well – it still has some hardness (calcium) in it. It is not naturally soft. There is a noticeable difference between using the raw lake water and enjoying the benefits of softened water.

Since we custom assemble the softeners ourselves, whenever a homeowner in Goderich orders a system, we load the mineral tank with a high grade resin that is designed to handle chlorinated water (systems on well water are loaded with a completely different type of resin).

The picture shows a water softener that is appropriately sized for a family of 2 to 4 people. The timer has battery backup so it retains the clock setting during power outages. Salt consumption is extremely low and the life expectancy is 20+ years (we have dozens of this model still in service at homes that were installed prior to 1994).