Hensall Water Softener Replacement

Most of our customers who have a reverse osmosis drinking system have us visit them once a year to test the water, change the filters and flush the membrane out. Also included in the service for those who have a water softener is a test of the hardness and iron levels.

water softener hensall Clinton ExeterWhenever possible, if the softener needs attention, we’ll get out our tools and fix it on the spot.

Sometimes however, a unit is past the end of its life expectancy and a major rebuild is required in order to get it functioning again. Most makes and models have rebuild kits available that range in price from $100 to $400. Add on some labour charges and 13% HST and the invoice gets to be too high for a system that’s been working hard for 15+ years.

It’s like an older car that breaks down. How much do you reasonably spend to get it working again?

In this situation, we looked at the plumbing and knew it would be relatively easy to switch out the old water softener for a new one. As well, the existing salt tank was in good shape and didn’t need to be replaced. With these factors in mind, we proposed that now was the right time to make the switch at a discounted price.

The old softener was a Myers brand that uses a piston mechanism in the valve to complete the cleaning cycle. The internal piston is made of brass and covered in Teflon which then moves up and down inside a sleeve of rings & gaskets. Prone to jamming up from excess friction, the motor works extra hard and eventually burns out.

The new softener has a valve that does not use a piston but instead has full size ports that open and close with a set of flapper discs. In addition to being extremely reliable, the timer keeps track of the water usage and adjusts the cleaning cycle as necessary to  get maximum efficiency. It also has battery backup for the clock so – even after power outages – it cleans when it’s suppose to.