High Efficiency Water Treatment

Water softeners use salt to regenerate & remove hardness from the water.

A lot of softeners that are 15 years or older use way too much salt. They’re very inefficient.

water softener filter blyth hensall auburn goderichWhen building a new home or undergoing major renovations, t’s often best to purchase a new softener instead of reinstalling an existing one. Even though the old softener “works great”, it could be that the resin inside is fouled with years of iron buildup or it has begun to degrade.

In addition to ‘standard efficiency’ conditioners, there are also a good number of high efficiency system available.

These models use significantly less salt, extend longer between cleaning cycles and adjust automatically based on fluctuating water usage. Since we custom assemble the softener when you order it, we ensure that only the highest quality components are used.

A lot of popular brand names simply load every tank with ‘standard grade’ resin and then instruct the installers to jack the salt settings up to compensate. That’s not a smart thing to do.

That translates into is a shorter life expectancy for the softener (less than 10 years) and more trips up and down the stairs for you with bags of salt. If you want some exercise – there are better ways to get in shape!

If you want perfectly soft water (and don’t like handling more salt bags than you need to), have us come out for a free in-home water test.