Pure water for operating room & laboratory

Alexandra Marine & General Hospital in Goderich

At pre-scheduled service intervals, the water treatment equipment at the Goderich Hospital (Huron County) is maintained to ensure that the water quality is the very best it can be. Water tests are conducted and each piece of equipment is cared for as per rigid operating procedures.

Chlorine Removal

The pure water used in the operating room area and the laboratory first passes through a backwashable carbon filter to completely remove the chlorine. The chlorine was added by the town of Goderich at the water treatment plant to kill any bacteria that might be present in the source water. Now that it has done its job while in the towns distribution system, it needs to be removed. By passing through a very high quality grade of carbon, the chlorine is removed.

Reverse Osmosis

The next step in the water treatment is to purify it using a commerical grade reverse osmosis system. This removes 99.9% of all dissolved contaminants from the water, filling a large resevoir with enough pure water to allow each area of the hospital to use as much as they need without having anyone run short. The filters are changed and the system regularly flushed with a sanitizing solution.

Ultra Violet Light

The third step in the process is to recirculate the water through a de-ionization system and an ultra violet light. The light acts as a backup system yet is always on to kill any living organism that might inadvertently enter the system (extremely unlikely given the previous steps taken to ensure safety and quality).

At this point, the water quality is such that it can be used by the staff in the operating room area and the laboratory.

During the service visits, we also sanitize the reservoir and each faucet where the clean water is used. The staff at the hospital know us quite well and have given us permission to move about between the different departments as needed.

In addition to the super pure water system just mentioned, there is also a water softener that removes the hardness and supplies soft water to specific parts of the building.