Huron County Dairy Farm System

Large operation near Ripley

(between Lucknow & Kincardine)

This brand new barn was built last year and boasts 3 state-of-the-art robotic milking stations. The fully computerized system tracks each cows milk output and production rate along with keeping tabs on time between visits to the parlour.

The water enters the barn from the deep well and is injected with a steady dose of 35% hydrogen peroxide via a Stenner chemical pump. The peroxide oxidizes the iron and any sulphur that might be present. As well, the extra oxygen in the water attacks the organics and serves to sanitize the water.

The treated water is then filtered through 2 backwashable iron filters. These units are plumbed in parallel and programmed so that when one of them is going through the cleaning process, the other one is still filtering the water to remove the iron.

The iron-free water then heads into the barn and travels through a plate cooler to reduce the temperature of the collected milk. Once it passes through the cooler, it returns to the utility room where it goes through the water softener. All the calcium is removed from the water and it is feed into the plumbing manifold where it is distributed to the water troughs, the boot washing stations, the parlours, the showers and the bathrooms.

The operator needed reliable equipment and, in case anything did go wrong, he wanted to be assured of prompt service.

We promised both.