Hydrogen Peroxide Injection

hydrogen peroxide huron county sulphur ironOne of our existing customers located near Milverton (north of Mitchell and Stratford) was injecting 35% hydrogen peroxide into the water line going into the hog barn. Meanwhile, the water for the house had issues with hardness and iron.

The existing water softener and iron filter were worn out and they were also considering doing something about their drinking water.

Based on the water test, our suggestion was to relocate the chemical pump from the entrance of the barn into the basement of the house where the pressure tank is located. A very small amount of hydrogen peroxide is now injected into ALL the water – not just the barn water.

Once the iron and sulphur have been oxidized, the water goes through a large backwashable filter. Once it’s fully loaded up and can’t filter any more, it cleans itself automatically. The timer on the iron filter has battery backup so, even when the power goes out, it keeps track of the time of day and all its other settings.

iron filter rusty water hydrogen peroxideThe old water softener was way too small for their growing family. Instead of completely disposing of it, we were able to use the control valve and resin to build a new unit. We brought a new & larger mineral tank already loaded with one cubic foot of resin. The resin from their existing softener was then added into the new tank and the control threaded on top and the settings changed. It’s now able to condition all their water – perfectly soft. They’ll notice the biggest improvement in their laundry and dishes.

They also wanted purified water for drinking and cooking. As usual, our recommendation was a reverse osmosis drinking system. They liked the idea of having a faucet at their kitchen sink with the pure water instead of relying on bottled water.