Hydrogen Peroxide & Iron Removal

hydrogen peroxide Stenner chemical pump iron filterThis layer barn near Gorrie (between Wingham and Listowel) had a serious problem with iron building up in the water lines and causing problems at the drinkers.

After a free water test and a thorough analysis, it was determined that the best way to treat the water was to use hydrogen peroxide and then capture the oxidized iron using a custom blended backwashable filter.

A small amount of 35% hydrogen peroxide is injected into the water stream based on the amount of water being consumed by the birds. A water meter counts the number of gallons being used and sends a pulse signal to a control module. The controller then activates a relay that turns the voltage for the chemical pump on and off for the exact number of seconds required to get the proper dosage at that moment.

The peroxide blends in the water and the oxygen attacks the ferrous iron and turns it into ferric iron. Now that the iron is in a state where it can be captured, it passes through the iron filter. The treated water entering the barn in now clean & clear and still has a residual of peroxide in it.

The residual hydrogen peroxide keeps the lines & drinkers clean which helps to reduce diseases which can spread through the water supply.