Iron Filter Upgrade

Bluevale family replaces potassium permanganate system with a chemical-free system

An existing customer in the community of Bluevale (just outside Wingham) contacted us to see about upgrading the water treatment system in their home. Their existing equipment had been installed about 10 years ago and required ongoing maintenance with the addition of potassium permanganate annually. Not only is the oxidizing chemical expensive but, if not handled carefully, it can make a real mess. At the time the initial equipment was installed, it was the only solution that would work for their situation.

Once we cut out and removed the old iron filter we moved the new chemical free iron filter into place and made the connections using new pipe. The system is simple and will work great. Every third night, the control valve will go through a regeneration cycle to purge the oxidized iron down the drain and refresh the filtering media that is in the tank.

During the cleaning process, air from the room is drawn into the tank and captured to create a ‘cushion’ that the water passes through as it first enters the iron filter. By the time the water makes its way down to the bottom and up the tube running through the middle, all the iron has been removed.

Clean, clear water then goes through the water softener to have the calcium removed before heading off to the kitchen and each bathroom.