Listowel Motel Has Excellent Water

Ultra Violet Lights to Protect & Water Softeners to Condition

The owner/operator of this very nice motel wants the water for his guests to be excellent. The entire property is very well maintained, the rooms are bright & clean, and the water for washing and showers is perfectly conditioned.

There are 2 completely separate systems in place – which ensures that each and every room has softened water delivered with good pressure. A hot shower away from home never felt better!


Due to the very high volumes of water that are used during peak seasons, instead of a single softener on each system, parallel units have been installed. With a single softener, if water is used while it is going through the regeneration cycle, water with calcium (hardness) would be delivered to the rooms.

With a dual-tank setup, the water is always conditioned because when one is cleaning, the other is still softening the water. This configuration is also very efficient on salt consumption which means less expense for the owner and the brine tanks don’t need to be filled as often.

In addition to the water softeners on each system, ultra violet lights have been installed to treat the water. These lights work in tandem with the chlorine to provide complete protection against any bacterial contamination that might come up from the well. With the sensors and warning alarms in place, the operator has peace-of-mind knowing that his guests are taken care off with his reliable water treatment equipment doing its job.

A semi-annual service schedule has been arranged to test and inspect everything, change filters and monitor chlorine readings.