Lots of Iron at Bayfield Cottage

The Road Name Says It All!

One look at the road sign and you just know that the water won’t be crystal clear coming up from the well.

When there’s iron in the water, the rust causes all kinds of problems. The sinks, showers and toilets all turn a lovely shade of brown. The fixtures start to drip because they won’t close properly and, maybe the worst of all – anything white that goes into the washing machine comes out covered in orange-coloured blotches.

The east shore of Lake Huron is known for its beautiful cottages. Over the years, we have installed a lot of iron filters and water softeners up and down the coast – from Grand Bend to Bayfield to Goderich and even up into the Kincardine area.

Seasonal cottages present a unique challenge – they’re frozen solid in the winter! Reverse osmosis drinking systems, iron filters and water softeners can’t handle temperatures below zero – freezing can seriously damage these units.

Some folks drain the water out and dump plumbing anti-freeze into these systems, but that’s not a good idea either. The ethylene glycol can damage the softening resin and, it only takes a little bit of water sitting up in the control valve to freeze and split the plastic body wide open.

Installed in the Spring & Removed for the Winter

One of the services we offer is winter storage. When the nice weather rolls around, we bring the units to your cottage and hook them up. After you’ve enjoyed the summer with friends and family, arrangements are made and we will return in the autumn to take the systems back to our heated shop.