Mitchell home has water softener salt tank located in garage for easy filling

For most people, carrying a few bags of salt every few months down to the water conditioner is no big deal. It only takes 10 minutes to take them out of the car, carry them down to the basement and empty them into the brine tank.

However, as you get a little older, the task becomes more of a challenge.

At a home in Mitchell (between Stratford and Seaforth) we were able to drill a hole through the wall and run the 3/8″ brine line from the softener in the basement up to the salt tank which was placed in the garage. It sits in a corner with the recycle bin.

The home owners simply pull their vehicle in, pop the trunk and dump the salt directly into the tank. Quick & easy!

In addition to the water softener which removes all the calcium (hardness) and iron, the house also has a drinking system. The reverse osmosis purifies all the water they use for cooking and making beverages. The town of Mitchell chlorinates the water supply to kill any bacteria that might ever be present, but once the chlorine has done its job – it’s nice to be removed. Not only does the reverse osmosis remove this residual chlorine, it also removes 99% of anything else that might be in the water.

Clean, clear, pure drinking water that doesn’t smell like a swimming pool!