Motel Near Goderich Has Soft Water.

water softener goderich ultra violet

The owners of this beautiful (and very colourful) motel located on Highway 21 between Goderich and Bayfield asked us to supply a complete water treatment system that would soften, filter and disinfect. They want the water that flows through the building to each guest room to be 100% clean and clear. It’s a part of their commitment to deliver a top-notch overnight experience to each of their visitors.

The well water has the hardness removed by a commercial-grade water softener that is capable of conditioning all the water – even at full occupancy in the mornings when the showers are all being used. The softened water then passes through a high-flow sediment filtering unit and into the ultra violet light chambers. If there is any possibility that there might be an issue with the water quality, these UV lights ensure full and complete disinfection.

The full water treatment system is inspected and maintained on a regular basis – both by the owners/operators and the ARC Water team.