Myers Water Softener Replacement

It just didn’t work. End of story.

Myers water softener Goderich BayfieldTime for a new water softener.

Maybe it had the wrong resin inside the mineral tank – or maybe the control valve had a manufacturers defect. Either way, the homeowners were frustrated after having the original installer come out numerous times to try to fix it. It just wasn’t working and they wanted a new one.

Their top priority was reliability. All they wanted was perfectly softened water.

The home is located in the Kitchigami subdivision (between Goderich and Bayfield) in Huron County – an area that has very hard water with lots of iron.

Most homes have either a water softener or, both a water softener and an iron filter. In this situation they had both. Upon arrival, the water was tested and it was determined that the chemical-free iron filter was working perfectly. It was doing a great job taking care of the rust problem. However, the softener was only removing some of the hardness, not all of it.

After having a discussion about the different makes & models of water softeners that are available, it was agreed upon that we would install a system designed for non-chlorinated water that comes from a drilled well. The control valve on the new softener has been engineered and built to handle this type of water – unlike a lot of units that use a piston style mechanism to regenerate (these have a shorter life expectancy and require more maintenance).

The water is soft. The homeowners are happy…

…and so are we.

Give us a call. You deserve good water too!