No More Problem Water

Water Treatment System for Bayfield Family

The countryside around Bayfield (a village just south of Goderich) is beautiful. The trees stand tall and proud. The fields roll gently. The rivers slowly make their way to Lake Huron. And the ground water is very hard and full of iron.

Anyone who lives in this area knows that, without the proper equipment – the laundry doesn’t wash clean, the dishes are streaky and the toilet, tub and shower will have the unsightly redish-orange coloured rust stains. A lot of rural homeowners choose to have a complete system that removes all the iron and hardness, kills any bacteria that might be present and purifies the water for drinking and cooking.

The system shown below takes care of everything. It has a water softener, an ultra violet light and a reverse osmosis system. Besides adding salt to the water softener as needed, only one visit annually is required to test the water, change the filters and replace the UV bulb.