Nursing Home Near Stratford

Complete Disinfection, Filtration & Softening System

A very clean and well maintained nursing home located between Stratford and Mitchell has been a customer of ARC Water for many years. During that time, the water treatment system has been maintained on a regular schedule to ensure that it is meeting the highest standards as required by provincial regulations.

chlorine, ultra violet light, water softener, iron filter

The water enters the building and receives an injection of chlorine from a Stenner chemical dosing pump. The water then enters the 2 pressure tanks where the chlorine has chance to do its job attacking any bacteria that might be present and oxidizing the iron.

The water then passes through the iron filters which have been sized to take into account the amount of water used in a typical day. These 2 units will completely remove all the iron and then backwash at night to purge themselves clean again. Once the water leaves the iron filters it goes through a stainless steel housing which holds multiple 5 micron sediment filters. This unit ensures that there are no small particles present as the water makes its way through the 50 gpm ultra violet light. The ultra violet light serves as a secondary disinfection system to the chlorine and will kill any living bacteria that it comes in contact with.

The final process is to remove all the calcium hardness so as to protect the dishwashers, washing machines, pipes and fixtures in the building. The softener is the large unit seen in the foreground of the top picture on the left hand side. The nursing home uses A LOT of water each day so we installed a very large model with a commercial valve on top.


The system as a whole is able to;

1. Provide an uninterrupted supply of iron-free, softened water that is safe from bacterial contamination.

2. Treat the water at a rate that even exceeds the gallon-per-minute rate that their well pump is able to deliver.