Old Culligan system replaced with high efficiency water softener

Huron County farm deals with hard water and iron

A neighbour called us about a year ago to say that they were starting to get a lot of rust stains in their dishwasher, washing machine and showers again. We inspected their existing equipment and determined that the Culligan iron filter was malfunctioning and needed to be replaced.

Instead of having us change it out then, the homeowner asked if there was anything that could be done to get them by until they were in a financial position to replace it. We put the iron filter in bypass and unplugged it. Then we adjusted the settings on the water softener taking into account the heavy iron load that it would have to handle. The salt setting was increased and the amount of water it would allow to go through in between cleaning cycles was dramatically reduced. It was a temporary fix that would only work for so long.

When the original system was installed, there were 4 people in the house. Now that the kids have grown up and moved away, there are only 2. As such, they will be using less water.

We cut out the Culligan’s and hauled them up the stairs and outside. There is only 1 word to describe these old brutes – HEAVY! There was also some corroded galvanized pipe fittings that were almost completely rusted through so they were cut out as well.

The new water softener was installed using 3/4″ pex pipe to ensure there is lots of flow for when it backwashes.

The customer will have perfectly conditioned water that is completely free of hardness and iron. As far as salt consumption goes – the homeowners will use 50% LESS with the new system.