Pharmasave in Bayfield has reverse osmosis

Staff room has purified drinking water

 reverse osmosis bayfield Pharmasave

It only makes sense – if you have a medical centre that cares for people’s health and a pharmacy that provides excellent service with free consultations – shouldn’t the staff be drinking good, pure water? Owners Michael & Nevien Ibrahim thought so.

The water being supplied to this new building on Main Street in Bayfield (between Goderich and Zurich) comes from a deep well. Although the water is reasonably clean and isn’t presenting any immediate issues, they felt that having filtered water for the staff to make coffee & tea with was important. As well, the reverse osmosis faucet mounted at the sink is convenient for filling water bottles.

(On a side note, the Ibrahim’s also had us install one at their house – along with a high effeciency water softener to eliminate the problem of cloudy looking dishes and rust stains in the showers and sinks.)

On an annual basis, we test the water quality, change the filters and flush the system out.