Protection Against Bacteria

ultra violet light uv huron countyThere’s a large church located between Wingham and Listowel that draws its water from a deep, drilled well.

Although they’ve always had clean water tests when submitting samples to the Health Unit, they wanted to ensure that the water was sterilized – just in case.

We installed an ultra violet light system on the main line that feeds the entire building. The well water first goes through a ‘Big Blue’ sediment filter to capture any debris or fine particles that could give bacteria a shadow to hide in as the water passes through the stainless steel chamber.


The power supply has two audible warnings:

– a warning alarm in case the bulb burns out or is damaged by an electrical surge/spike.

– a reminder alarm at 12 months to complete the annual service.


When we arrive at the church, we replace the sediment filter, lubricate the ‘O’ ring, clean (or replace) the quartz sleeve in the chamber and replace the bulb. During this annual visit, we reset the power supply to start the reminder function back to month 1.