Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filter

No more bottled water for office staff


The one on the left has turned slightly green.

The staff at a busy insurance office were using bottled water in the lunch room. The water was delivered once a week and lined up along the wall until needed. The sealed cap on each jug remained in place until it was hauled up and placed on the water cooler.

One morning, one of the staff was making a pot of coffee and noticed that something didn’t look quite right. Upon closer inspection, they could see that the water in 2 of the 10 jugs had turned slightly green. Needless to say, it was at that point that they began to question the purity of the bottled water and started looking for options.

We proposed that a reverse osmosis drinking system be installed under the sink. Instead of getting their drinking water from the cooler, there would be a separate faucet mounted at the sink. There is always enough purified water for their needs and no one has to constantly switch the jugs anymore.

The office has been added to our service records and filter changes will be done at prescheduled intervals.