Ridgewood Subdivision North of Goderich

Extremely hard water with lots of iron


If you live north of Goderich in Huron County then you already know how hard the water is. In addition to the very high level of calcium which leaves white residue on all the dishes and fixtures, the area is also home to some nasty iron.

New homeowners contacted us to come out and test the water. They had just moved into their beautiful new home and – within a few weeks – started noticing that all the toilets were turning a rusty orange colour.

As can be seen in the above picture (the 2 sets of tubes running vertical in the top right corner), the entire house has been plumbed with clear ‘pex’ pipe. These lines, both hot and cold, were turning a dark orange colour from the iron starting to build up in them. If left untreated, raw water like this can cause all kinds of problems including;


→ Dishes coming out of the dishwasher with food still on them and the glassware looking ‘streaky’

→ Laundry feeling scratchy with the colours looking duller after each wash

→ Harsh cleaners and chemicals needed to get the fixtures, tubs and showers looking clean

→ An increase of approximately 15% in either electricity, gas or oil to heat the water in the water heater

→ A shortened life expectancy for both your dishwasher and washing machine (as per authorized appliance repairmen)

For this customer, and many others around Bayfield, Goderich and Clinton, the best solution was to install a water softener with an internal attachment that removes the iron. The free water test gave us the information needed to select the best make & model for the situation.

Once the water coming into the house was conditioned, the family wanted purified water for drinking and cooking. A reverse osmosis system was installed with a large holding reservoir for the pure water. Instead of a little pressure tank pushing the filtered water up to each faucet, we installed an electric delivery pump to ensure super fast flow and consistent pressure.

With most reverse osmosis drinking systems, the water just trickles out of the faucet and it takes a few minutes to fill a large container or pot. With this setup, it only takes a few seconds to get litres of water!