Seaforth Home Renovation Gets New Reverse Osmosis

Drinking System Installed In Utility Room

Sometimes an old farm house needs to be renovated. This home, located in Huron County between Clinton and Mitchell, had a lot of work done to it and looked completely different once the dust had settled.

Everything else was new – the furnace, the water heater, the water softener & the electrical panel. The only item that was dismantled and saved to be reinstalled in the new utility room was the reverse osmosis water purifier.

However, when it came time to hook it back up, it was discovered that some of the fittings were broken. The system was over 15 years old and plumbed with very small tubing that restricted the flow of the water from the holding tank up to the faucet mounted at the kitchen sink.

The homeowners decided that it was time to replace the reverse osmosis system as well. The plumber had already prepared a feed line for the system and a bracket was waiting on the wall to cradle the new holding tank.

A high efficiency unit was chosen and mounted on the wall where it is out of the way. New, oversized line was run up to the kitchen sink so the coffee pot will fill quickly when the faucet is opened.

The ice maker in the fridge is also connected to the system.