Stenner Chemical Pump Injects Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide Stenner AuburnSince 1989 when ARC Water was started, we have serviced a lot of different chemical pumps. Some are more reliable than others – but the best (by far) is made by Stenner in the USA. It’s a peristaltic pump that utilizes a squeeze tube to draw the liquid solution out of the barrel and inject it into the water line.

The chemical pump is wired into the electrical circuit for the well pump so that it runs at the same time. Test strips are used to determine how much hydrogen peroxide is in the water and the chemical pump output is adjusted up or down accordingly.

These pumps require very little service. The squeeze tube wears out over time and periodically needs to be replaced. This is determined by usage and what liquid is being drawn through the tube (chlorine, acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc).

This picture was taken at an install in Huron County near Auburn (north of Clinton, west of Blyth).