Iron & Sulphur Filters

Rust stains in your bathtub, toilets and kitchen sink? Problems with iron buildup in the barn lines?

iron filter huron county rusty water

Iron in your water is not only unsightly – it ruins white clothing, builds up in the pipes and damages appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. Instead of trying to scrub it away with a bottle of cleaner that can damage porcelain, plastic and granite fixtures, remove it before it enters the home.

Benefits of a properly sized Iron Filtering System:

  • Ensure crystal clear water
  • Better taste
  • No odour
  • Appliances last longer
  • New high tech sinks and showers don’t get etched or damaged
  • wash comes out bright with no stains

Factors used when determining type of filtration to be used:

  • level of contaminants in the water
  • size of well pump and flow rate
  • total expected daily or weekly usage
  • primary application

An on site water test and inspection will determine which system will work best.

There are new medias that have been developed to remove iron and sulphur without adding chemicals and are delivering very positive results.  Call us to book a test and inspection today.