Hydrogen Peroxide & Iron Removal

hydrogen peroxide Stenner chemical pump iron filterThis layer barn near Gorrie (between Wingham and Listowel) had a serious problem with iron building up in the water lines and causing problems at the drinkers.

After a free water test and a thorough analysis, it was determined that the best way to treat the water was to use hydrogen peroxide and then capture the oxidized iron using a custom blended backwashable filter.

A small amount of 35% hydrogen peroxide is injected into the water stream based on the amount of water being consumed by the birds. A water meter counts the number of gallons being used and sends a pulse signal to a control module. The controller then activates a relay that turns the voltage for the chemical pump on and off for the exact number of seconds required to get the proper dosage at that moment.

The peroxide blends in the water and the oxygen attacks the ferrous iron and turns it into ferric iron. Now that the iron is in a state where it can be captured, it passes through the iron filter. The treated water entering the barn in now clean & clear and still has a residual of peroxide in it.

The residual hydrogen peroxide keeps the lines & drinkers clean which helps to reduce diseases which can spread through the water supply.

Protection Against Bacteria

ultra violet light uv huron countyThere’s a large church located between Wingham and Listowel that draws its water from a deep, drilled well.

Although they’ve always had clean water tests when submitting samples to the Health Unit, they wanted to ensure that the water was sterilized – just in case.

We installed an ultra violet light system on the main line that feeds the entire building. The well water first goes through a ‘Big Blue’ sediment filter to capture any debris or fine particles that could give bacteria a shadow to hide in as the water passes through the stainless steel chamber.


The power supply has two audible warnings:

– a warning alarm in case the bulb burns out or is damaged by an electrical surge/spike.

– a reminder alarm at 12 months to complete the annual service.


When we arrive at the church, we replace the sediment filter, lubricate the ‘O’ ring, clean (or replace) the quartz sleeve in the chamber and replace the bulb. During this annual visit, we reset the power supply to start the reminder function back to month 1.

Brussels water is hard!

When you build a brand new house, you want to protect the new fixtures and appliances from the damage that hard water causes.

This husband and wife who live in the country near Brussels (in Huron County close to Blyth & Wingham) were used to having softened water. At their old house, they had both an iron filter and a water softener to treat the water, so when they moved into their new house – the water didn’t feel right.

The soap & shampoo didn’t lather as it should.

The dishwasher wasn’t cleaning properly.

The laundry just didn’t feel the same.

Being it was the middle of December, treated water seemed like an ideal Christmas gift!

Without discussing things with his wife; a phone call was made, we arrived on site to test the water & inspect the plumbing, and arrangements were made for a quick installation.

We came back a few days later and installed a new softener and a used ultra violet light system that they supplied.
Brussels water softener ultra violet light

Often, near the end of the calendar year, some of our suppliers will have promotions to reduce their stock for December 31st. The savings are often significant and we’re pleased to pass these on to our customers.

Economy Water Softener

Well Water Near Blyth

Sometimes all you’re looking for is a small system that can condition the water for 2 people. The raw water test at the property where this water softener was installed (between Clinton and Wingham in Huron County) showed a moderate level of hardness and a trace amount of iron.

If there was a large family living at the house, this small unit would not be able to handle the demand. However, this model was perfect for the situation and we were able to install it within a couple of days of them calling our shop.

The first thing you notice is that the salt tank is blue, the control valve is black and the mineral tank that holds the softening resin is a natural coloured fibreglass. That’s what you call mis-matched. Sometimes the distributors want to clear out some of their inventory and they offer it to us at fantastic savings if we aren’t picky about the shapes, colours and sizes.

The discounts get passed onto you. After an in-home water test to determine how much calcium (hardness), iron (rust) and sulphur there is, we can give you a quote on what we have available.