Ultra Violet System Protects Cottages

Just north of Goderich in Huron County, is a cluster of cottages that share a deep drilled well. The cottage owners agreed to build a small pump house and have water treatment equipment installed to protect against bacterial contamination.

We installed a 10″ Big Blue sediment filter to collect any sand, dirt, grit or oxidized iron that comes up from the well. The water then passes through the ultra violet light. If any living organisms are present in the water, the wavelength of the light kills them. The water is then safe for consumption.

Three times a year, we change the sediment filter and clean the quartz glass sleeve that the light bulb sits inside. Then, at each 12 month interval, we replace the light bulb. Unlike an incandescent bulb that has 100% output until the filament fails, an ultra violet light bulb slowly loses intensity as it burns.