Used water softener for sale

Occasionally we’ll get asked if we have any used water softeners at our shop.

Often the answer is “Yes we do!

Sometimes when we go out on a sales call, a new family has moved into a home that already has a water softener. If the new family has more members than the previous one, it could be that the existing softener is too small to keep up with the increased demand. If we look at the unit and determine that it’s in great shape and has lots of life left in it, we’ll bring it back to the shop and get it ready to be resold.

We dismantle the control valve, clean all the interior components, lubricate the moving parts (replacing any that show signs of wear) and put it back together again. It’s then placed off to the side awaiting a call from someone who needs it.

We also have a lot of rental softeners out in people’s homes.

When a family moves away and the rental agreement is finished, we’ll pick up the softener and bring it back to the shop. We go through the same steps mentioned above and then add it back into our inventory.

If you call us looking for a used water conditioner, we’ll also look at our rental inventory to see if there’s one there that will suit your needs. As always, in order to ensure that you get a softener that’s the proper size and type, we recommend a water test.