Water Softener at Bayfield Cottage

Tight crawl space with remote mounted control panel


The control valve is positioned between the floor joists.

A lot of the cottages in the Bayfield area (just south of Goderich in Huron County) do not have a full basement. Often there is a crawl space that is only about 48″ tall. Jammed within this tight space is often a small furnace and a short water heater. Although there are short water softener mineral tanks available for situations just like this, due to their reduced height, they are too small to accept our internal ‘Media Guard’ attachment that helps capture all the iron.

The Media Guard, along with a very high grade resin, easily handles the task of removing all the hardness and iron from the water, as well as any sulphur that might come up from the well.



The control panel has been removed from the top of the water softener and remote mounted on the edge of the stairway leading down into the crawl space. It’s the little black box on the right of the opening.