Water Softener at Laundrymat

Conditioner for Goderich Water

Ask almost any appliance repairman if hard water (calcium) is a problem for washing machines and he will say ‘YES’.

Not only does the scale cause issues with the water entering the tub, but it reacts with the soap to make a scum residue. This results in poor washing results, build-up in the internal pumps and additional maintenance.

If you want to have your clothes looking their best, make them last longer and extend the life of your washing machine – the best thing to do is have a high quality water softener.

Water Treatment

The old system was comprised of two separate water softeners to handle the high volume of water that was being used. It was a complicated setup of multiple shut off valves, electric solenoids and a timer mechanism that wasn’t working reliably anymore.

More often than not, instead of being completely soft, the water often had some hardness remaining in it even after having gone through the softeners. Due to their age, make and model, the softeners were using an excessive amount of salt to regenerate – all at the expense of the laundrymat owner.