Water Softener, Hydrogen Peroxide & Reverse Osmosis

Huron County Farm Near Londesborough

The water coming into the pressure tank from the well pump is injected with a small dose of 35% hydrogen peroxide (blue tote). The water then feeds either the house, or heads out to the chickens in the layer barns. All the water in the house is conditioned by a high efficiency water softener that uses very little salt.

For drinking and cooking purposes, a reverse osmosis drinking system was installed (mounted above). The model that was installed is our ‘Made in the USA’ system. There are no components on it that were made overseas. Because of the over-sized tubing, premium membrane for filtration and the waste water reducing permeate pump, whenever the drinking tap at the kitchen sink is opened and the purified water used – it fills your pot quickly with lots of water available.

The customer will receive a courteous call from us once a year to schedule a visit to test the water, change the filters and flush everything out.