Wine Making in Seaforth

Purified water to fill the bottles

The key to excellent wine is to start with excellent water. Any amount of dissolved solids in the water will reduce the quality of the final product. That’s why all the make-your-own-wine kits recommend using reverse osmosis water.

For this home owner in Seaforth (in Huron County between Clinton and Mitchell), when we installed his new water softener, he asked what we could do to get rid of all the residual chlorine and purify the water.

We recommended a high-effeciency drinking system with both a faucet at the kitchen sink upstairs and a ‘fill’ line in the basement at the counter where his production line is set up.

Since he fills multiple bottles at a time, instead of mounting a fixed faucet on the wall that would require him to place each bottle under the spout, we ran a separate 3/8″ line with a shut off and 4′ of extra tubing.

All he does is slide the end of the tube out of the 2 wire staples on the wall and insert it into each bottle, opening and closing the shut off as he moves between bottles. Quick, easy and convenient!